Question: About your new video, Vincent Gallo is directing that is he?
John Frusciante: Yeah.
Question: Are you friends with him? What kind of video is it?
John Frusciante: It’s like an experimental film starring me and directed by him. It’s the best video I could have asked for, it’s so cool.
Question: What’s your relationship with Vincent?
John Frusciante: Well, he’s my friend you know, he’s been my friend ever since we were writing the record “Californication” and Vincent had the movie “Buffalo 66” out. I saw that movie and it reminded me of my music. The feelings of his movie reminded me of the feelings of my songs. He got my phone-number from a friend of ours, I found out that he was a big fan of my solo-record, both of my solo-records. So, he asked me if I would do the music…
Question: Can I take some pictures while we’re talking?
John Frusciante: Yeah yeah, sure. So he asked me if I could do the music for his next movie and I said yeah. I wrote a lot of songs sort of with his next movie in mind, and I made a CD out of them, and I would say that a lot of that CD will be the soundtrack. They’re not on this CD, they’re on a CD that I just gave to my friends.
Question: But that is coming out eventually?
John Frusciante: Well, eventually. He hasn’t figured out yet who he wants to be in the movie. He needs a few female parts that he’s having a hard time casting. But, when he does it will be a wonderful movie and I’m gonna do the music to it. He’s the only filmmaker that I feel any sense of camaraderie with, he’s the only person who … I haven’t seen any other films or videos that have reminded me of my music in the last few years. I see films from the 50’s by Kenneth Anger that remind me of my music and I see films by Andy Warhol in the 60’s that remind me of my music but I don’t… Vincent is the onlyperson making movies now that… things of that same kind of… sort of avant garde kind of radical approach to filmmaking. So yes, I’m very proud of what we’ve done together and I know we’ll do other great things together.