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Walk Around the World

45 RPM Single:
Walk Around the World" (with B-Side titled, "Clouds")

45 RPM EP:"4 x 2" feat. 2 tracks: "Judy" & "I Asked My Friends"

Gary Horowitz (former THE GOOD keyboardist) wrote on Nov. 8, 2000:
To whom it may concern, In response to your open request for track info about the above mentiond 45 rpm record I submit the following: "Walk Around The World" and "Clouds" (BCMK 66) were recorded in December of 1979at Tom Calandra's Buffalo College of Music Knowledge Studio. Producers credited are Dave Meinzer and The Good. It was mixed by Dave Meinzerand and Bernard Kugel. Engineering was by Tom Calandra. Executive Producer was "Friday Night" Dave Olka, a faithful fan who came to hear us every Friday and Saturday evening. I believe it was Friday Night Dave who persuaded Bernie to record the song by giving us the cash advance we needed in order to do it. The personnel for the recording was:
Bernard Kugel on Vocals and Guitar Bob Kozak on Bass
Mike Hylant on Drums Gary Horowitz on Farfisa Organ
The studio was located in the basement of Tom Calandra's house at the time. There were isolation booths strategically built in various places aroundhis laundry room, hot water heater and one under the stairs.Recording was done on a four track half-inch tape recorder with no noise reduction. If memory serves me correctly,the basic rhythm tracks were guitar, bass, drums and organ recorded live and mixed to one track. Next vocals, background vocals (provided by Dave and Bob for "Clouds" and the whole group for "Walk Around The World") andadditional guitars and tambourine were overdubbed on to the remaining tracks. There were no punch-ins. Bernie played his trademark Cream White now vintage Fender Telecaster guitarprobably through a Fender Twin or Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier. Bob played Mike Hylant's Gibson EB-0 or EB-1 bass guitar that had been badly refinished, with a mile- high action and a real growl of a sound.I think the bass was taken direct into the recording console. I can't remember whether Mike was playing on his own drums or using the house kit. I played a Farfisa VIP 345 single manual organ which I borrowed from Jean Arnold who was my girlfriend at the time.Normally I used a Wurlitzer B 200 electric piano for live gigs, but I was allowed use of the Farfisa for special shows and recordings such as this. The ecord reached number 97 on the Cavage's Charts (a local record store chain) just under number 98 which was Bob Dylan's "Gotta Serve Sombody".The review in England's New Musical Express read something like:"Empty American garage pop band which prades it's ineptitude as if it were a virtue.This weeks most vacuous release" I will send you scans of the front and back cover, both sides of the record itself and the insert with lyrics and pictures taken by Eric Jensen at a photograph sessiontaken at his house. Sincerely, Gary Horowitz