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VINCENT GALLO ON HIS BAND BUNNY (09.04.98): ``It's really unguarded, which means that it's very under-produced, very under-orchestrated, very penatonic; it isn't traditional song structure,'' Gallo explained a couple of months back. ``We're playing very subtlely and singing very subtlely. It's certainly the best music that I've ever done in my life by a lot, and I've been in some cool bands. I mean, I did music with Jean- Michel Basquiat that was really interesting, but Lukas is certainly the most productive relationship I've ever had with anybody musically.''

EXTRACTED FROM LUKAS HAAS INTERVIEW (1998): I know you are playing now in a band called Bunny. What was your first band?

LUKAS: I had a band in Boston for about five years. I started playing drums when I was seven, and piano when I was 11 or 12.

Are you writing lyrics for Bunny now?

LUKAS: Me and [actor/performer/band member]Vincent Gallo both write the songs, musically and lyrically.

LUKAS: How did you guys hook up? He liked my work for a long time as an actor. When he was shooting an ad thing for a clothing company, he asked me to model for it. [We met and] found out how much we have in common in terms of our musical ideas.

What kind of style is Bunny?

LUKAS: All of the stuff [in Vincent's studio] is from before '69, so we use an 8-track [to record]. It's similar to what the Beatles would have used, but it's better because [Vincent's owns] unique, rare pieces.

And you play rock and roll?

LUKAS: It'd probably be under the rock and roll category. ...It's more, I mean my influence is most of all the Beatles, but I love soul and funk. I like Bob Marley. I like oldies. Vincent is a big fan of Yes, and he loves the Beatles too, but he has a very particular, purist way of looking at it. We're going to do a lot of stuff where it is just the two of us playing and we'll have a lot of overdubs. ...I play all the basic instruments and so does he....Some of the songs are basically pop songs, but what we want to do is write the best songs that we can.

Which Beatle are you and which is Vincent?

LUKAS: We have this argument because we both like the Beatles so much. He says he's John and George and I'm Paul and Ringo. He's right in a certain way, but I think I have some George in me. If you heard us, you'd think that he was Paul and I was John.

In terms of sound?

LUKAS: Our voices and stuff. I don't know. It depends, we're different from them. We don't
write like those guys. We have a different style.

Would you rather be an actor or a rock star?

LUKAS: I'd much rather make money as a musician. But I can't say that my goal is to be
a rock star, but it is to be able to make money doing music.


Vincent Gallo and Lukas Haas draw out the stars -- to a video store
By Lisa Derrick

Last Wednesday night, the Cinephile, a tiny video store that's next door to the Nuart Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard, hosted an in-store prog-rock music performance by actor/director Vincent Gallo (Buffalo 66 -- aside from writing, directing, and starring in the indie flick, he also composed the score) and actor Lukas Haas (Mars Attacks!, Johns). Both performers strummed guitars and delivered Yes-like riffs, much to the glee of an audience that included Marilyn Manson and main squeeze Rose McGowan; David Arquette (Haas' co-star from Johns) with new wife Courtney Cox; Alicia Silverstone; oh-so-attractive actors Balthazar Getty and Stephen Dorff; punk rock god Johnny Ramone (in leather jacket and jeans, natch) with pixieish wife Linda; and actor/musician Michael Des Barres....