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09.25.04 - Vincent Gallo performs live at NA Nightclub in New York
Thursday, September 30
with special guest Jim O'Rourke Vincent Gallo in concert at NA Nightclub in New York City. September 30, 2004. with special guest Jim O'Rourke 246 West 14th Street. Call (212) 675-1567 for information. Please DO NOT email Vincent Gallo directly for information. 08.02.04 - While going down on SUNSET (Blvd., that is) ... Advertising at it's purest - pic of the now infamous SUNSET Boulevard (Los Angeles) billboard put up by Vincent Gallo to promote the opening of THE BROWN BUNNY in the U.S. Click the thumbnail image for a larger version: The Brown Bunny Billboard on Sunset Blvd. 07.26.04 - EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENTS -- GALLO LIVE IN NEW YORK !!! Vincent Gallo performs live at Rothko. August 25, 2004
(ticket price includes a free ticket to see the Brown Bunny)

Vincent Gallo Live at Rothko
Wednesday, August 25, 2004

2 shows 8 pm and 11 pm

Don't miss Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon in a rare live performance which
will include music from Vincent's album "When". The ticket price includes a
FREE ticket to see The Brown Bunny during its opening weekend (August 28 &
29--select shows) at the Landmark Sunshine on Houston St. in New York.

Tickets are $18 advance and $22 the day of the show. They are available
from (search Vincent Gallo) or in person at Etherea
Records, 66 Avenue A NYC.

116 Suffolk Street (@ Rivington)
2 blocks East of Avenue A/Essex

07.10.04 - DEVIN SARNO to release music collaboration with Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo has contributed guitar to an upcoming CD
by Los Angeles based composer Devin Sarno.

This will be a 20 minute ensemble piece for 3" CD release on Banned Production ( due sometime late Summer or Fall.

Other musicians appearing on the recording will be analog tape loopist Joseph Hammer
(an alumnus of the Los Angeles Free Music Society and member of the band Solid Eye)
and keyboardist Bobb Bruno (from Polar Goldie Cats.)

Sarno is an electric bassist who has performed under the name "CRIB" for the better part of
a decade. (This is will one of the first recordings under his own name.)

The recording took place at Catasonic Studios in Echo Park, CA.

For further information on the music of Devin Sarno & recording photos visit:

NOTE: Photos from the session are also posted at Devin's web site ...

CLICK HERE for's EXCLUSIVE interview with Devin Sarno
regarding the collaboration and his music.

FEW MORE PICS from the ATP concert April 3, 2004
with John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer:
ATP 2004 ATP 2004 ATP 2004
(thanks to Jill at nunuworldmusic
for allowing us to post these!)

MORE BROWN BUNNY theatre DATES announced:

August 27, 2004
Irvine, CA University Town Center 6

September 10, 2004
Buffalo, NY Amherst Theatre
Philadelphia, PA Ritz Theatre

September 17, 2004
Minneapolis, MN Landmark's Lagoon Cinema

06.22.04 - THE BROWN BUNNY opens across U.S. on August 27, 2004 ...

Watch for openings nationwide (USA) on August 27, 2004 for the latest
film by director Vincent Gallo, THE BROWN BUNNY: The Brown Bunny


Schedule and Theaters

August 27, 2004
New York Landmark's Sunshine Cinema
Los Angeles Landmark's Nuart Theatre

September 3, 2004
Chicago Landmark's Century Centre Theater
San Francisco Landmark's Lumiere Theater
Berkeley Landmark's Shattuck Theater

September 10, 2004
San Diego Landmark's Ken Cinema

More cities and theaters to come (CLICK HERE to stay abreast of updated schedule info).
Click here to view the film's trailer courtesy of the Gallo Appreciation Page.

06.21.04 - Another great photo from Royal Festival Hall show (April 05, 2004)
Gallo Live @ RFH 04.05.04
(MANY THANKS TO B. WICKS for sending in this image!)

Many of you have emailed asking about the soundtrack to "THE BROWN BUNNY" and how it can be obtained on CD. I have been directing folks to an online shop which I was able to purchase it from myself. However, there is now an official outlet direct from the JAPANESE distributor (remember, this release is only available as an IMPORT from JAPAN). The company, Kinetique, is in the process of finalizing the shopping forum of their official BROWN BUNNY site. Meanwhile, you can obtain the soundtrack via here.

FINALLY, some possible ATP 2005 excitement on the horizon ...
You can read an online report here about plans for Vincent Gallo to curate a 2005 ATP event
. Details are slim and very preliminary, but it's still news ...


YOU SURE ARE - Vincent Gallo

use the telephone or scream
the telephone or scream
the telephone ...

or scream

you sure are
the only one you are
the only one ...

you are

take the aeroplane or walk
the aeroplane or walk
the aeroplane ...

or walk

you sure are
the only one you are
the only one ...

you are

you sure are
the only one you are
the only one ...

let's find a place a place
we'll find
happy the place

you sure are
the only one you are
the only one

take the aeroplane or walk
the aeroplane or walk
the aeroplane ...

or walk

use the telephone or scream
the telephone or scream
the telephone ...

or scream

you sure are
the only one you are
the only one
the only one
the only one you are

04.10.04 - REVIEW OF ATP and RFH:
Well, I saw Gallo at both the ATP show and the Royal Festival hall and
both were awesome in very different ways

ATP was amazing. An Improvisation (which fit into the ATP context very
well) with a maroon leather jump suit really doesn't get
any better than that! It worked really well and was a nice surprise
because I really didn't know what to expect. I noticed before he came
on that they weren't setting a mic stand up so expected some sort of
instrumental. There was a real party atmosphere so I was glad that he
wasn't singing songs from 'When' because I think that the audience
wouldn't have been as receptive. I took some photos but they are beyond

RFH was really tense and Gallo kept laughing when he looked at Jim and
Steve occasionally. It was a really beautiful and fragile sound which
was perfect for the Royal Festival Hall. People were respectfully quiet
which was a relief because London gigs tend to be ruined with
smart-assed heckling (usually people on the guest list who have just
come for a night out rather than to witness something special). The new
song was amazing, again very fragile and beautiful.

He made a comment about his T Shirts that were on sale for £70 (yes I
bought one...I will worry about the cost later....) which he said he
made himself and were scattered all around his apartment whilst he was
making them. However, I spoke to someone recently who said that a fan
had made the T shirts for him and he just signed them! Who knows or
cares, I just thought it would be a perfect reminder of these wonderful

~ Pete

- PICS FROM ATP SHOW (April 3, 2004):
Here are some great photos from our man Pete. (Pete wishes they
were better, but i think most will find them pretty good).



In terms of the RFH performance it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The RFH provided the perfect venue - regarded as having some of the best acoustics in the country Gallo’s music sounded very clear and intimate, even in a venue of this size.

Upon arriving there was a stall selling Vincent T-shirts for £70 (some of which have
already appeared on eBay). These, he later explained during the show, he had spent
the best part of two weeks making in his home in NY. All were signed.

I was sitting in the front row of this massive venue and had a perfect view of the
stage. Gallo and the other band members came on stage and plugged in - he seemed
very shy and nervous. They then went straight into the set you posted on you site
pretty much playing the tracks as they appear on the releases. Notable exceptions
were an extended “Honey Bunny” which progressively built until the drums and guitar
were powering along not unlike a prime-time CAN track.

Gallo didn’t talk to the audience until pretty much the end where he apologised for all
the “fuck-ups” - then asking Polly and John to join him onstage, commenting that
they’d tried to play this [Moon River] last night but “Polly and John hadn’t practiced
enough” jokingly saying “that they were more concerned with going off to some party”.
A very moving version of Moon River followed. Upon leaving the stage he said “that
was interesting”, thanked the audience, and off he went.

I hope this all adds a little bit of info you might not already have. Feel free to post it
on your site if you wish. Keep up the great work.

Take care, Dan Metallic.

- EXCITING NEWS OF A NEW ALBUM FROM VINCENT GALLO: Word of a new Lp recording was hinted at during a recent press interview for France's "L'Humanite." Vincent has been kind enough to share some further details. The album features himself and Sean Lennon on guitar. NO overdubs, NO vocals . . . a very "nice" recording according to Gallo. He does not yet know when it will be released. You can be *SURE* I'll be watching for more info to develop . . .
In other news . . . LONDON CALLING . . . Vincent Gallo performed both of his exclusive concerts in England this past week. here's a brief recap:
- Vincent Gallo performed with John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Josh Klinghoffer (Bicycle Thief). To bring some context to the event, both Frusciante and Klinghoffer have been performing an array of gigs in the L.A. and southern California area called "PERFORMANCE" (01-09 played thus far). This performance with Gallo was in keeping with the spirit of their recent exclusive shows. They performed an improvisational set which Vincent Gallo initiated by starting up a groove that would be picked up on by both John and Josh. The resulting performance is TRUE improvisation and would meander from moments of magic to exploratory segments where the artists searched for their common ground. There was no prior planning at play. It literally unfolded on stage before the audience. This made for an interesting experience for BOTH audience and musicians alike.

Here's what Gallo himself had to say: "WHEN IT WAS GOOD IT WAS REALLY GOOD. VERY STRANGE THING TO DO LIVE BUT VERY FRESH." - Vincent Gallo. If any of the show's fortunate attendees feel compelled to share their take on the event, please drop a line. I'm certain everyone would love to hear about it. Pics and audio welcome!
THE ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL SHOW: April 5, 2004 - This performance included Steve Shelley and Jim O'Rourke from Sonic Youth The setlist is as follows: SO SAD WHEN LAURA YES IM LONLEY PARIS HILTON WHITE DOG WAS A SOMEWHERE PLACE HONEY BUNNY YOU SURE ARE (new song!) MOON CHILD (by King Crimson) MOON RIVER (by Henry Mancini, featured PJ Harvey and John Frusciante) The final song included John Frusciante and PJ Harvey whom Gallo called up to perform with them on stage.

- AND THE PICS KEEP ON COMING . . . Daniel Warren
did a great job
documenting the TONIC NYC show with Sean Lennon for us. Thanks man! Here
are a few more pics that he's gratiously shared: PHOTO 4 | PHOTO 5 | PHOTO 6 Also, a fine report as well with a few more details from that night's event: I can’t remember the setlist very well, but I know he played “Yes, I’m Lonely,” a great song about a girl named Theresa that I hadn’t heard on either album, and a couple instrumentals from When, the rest were by Lennon I assume. The show was only about 30 minutes long, almost all instrumental. Sean Lennon sang very forced bluesy vocals over “Yes, I’m Lonely” and turned his guitar up so loud that it distorted over Gallo’s much subtler playing… but I suppose it got a lot of the audience there (including Yoko Ono, of course).

They didn’t talk much, except at the beginning of the show when Gallo said to the
sound woman “could you get me a glass of water? Make sure it’s from the toilet” in
his usual candor. My friends and I got so tired of waiting for the show to start that
we sat down on the ground, and the rest of the audience followed suit throughout
the show, it was a nice intimate setting (that’s why the pictures are right in front of
a monitor). The show was pretty packed, I heard Gallo say to Lennon at the beginning
“can you believe all of these people?” although I think almost half of them were
Lennon groupies that were on the guest list (as soon as they went on stage, a couple
people from the back were yelling “why didn’t you put us on the guest list, Sean?!”
even though it was only $6!!!).

OK, that’s all I can think of for now, the show was Wednesday, January 7th at 10 PM.

~ Daniel Warren
02.14.04 - HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY . . . Here are a few shots of Vincent Gallo
and Sean Lennon performing live at the TONIC, NYC. Many thanks to my good man
Daniel Warren for sharing these with myself and all of you. PHOTO 1 | PHOTO 2 | PHOTO 3

Vincent said that the performance itself was amazing. He and Sean Lennon had
only played for about 2 hours together before this night. The set was improvisational
They did one raw rendition of "Yes I'm Lonely" from Gallo's WHEN Lp. Tonic is a NYC
club known for showcasing avant garde and artistic performances. Check out their
site: TONIC NYC.
Well, I finally have time for an update and sorry for not posting this sooner, but the
following live shows have been announced. While I believe the first one is sold out
already, I am pretty sure tickets can still be had for the second one. Both of the
forthcoming gigs are promoted by ALL TOMORROW's PARTIES who must be very
busy folks . . . here's the scoop: WEEKEND 02 is a 3-day concert curated by a different artist each night. The 2nd show on APRIL 3rd is featuring Vincent Gallo along with friends Josh Klinghoffer on drums and John Frusciante on guitar. Vincent will play bass. This is going to be a improvisational performance and I am quite certain it's one that will satisfy every- one in attendance. I am fairly certain this is sold out, as most ATP shows do rather quickly. I imagine most anyone in the area knew well in advance of myself anyway. The concert's lineup for the day that Gallo will appear is below:
(much thanks to DEAN and the many others that emailed word of this show to me in advance)

UKATP/04 (weekend 2)
April 3, 2004
Curated by Sonic Youth
Camber Sands Holiday Centre
East Sussex

VINCENT GALLO (feat. John Frusciante on guitar and Josh Klinghoffer on Bass)

AND IF YOU MISS THAT SHOW, you can try to get tickets for the show at the
ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL coming up April 5th. This concert will feature Vincent
and friends playing the entire "WHEN" LP along with the "So Sad" single LIVE!

NEEDLESS to say this is a rare performance. To my knowledge Gallo has only
played the WHEN album on a brief Japanese Tour in Dec. 2002 (three times) prior
to this appearance at RFH, UK. This is also an All Tomorrow's Parties event.

(from the Royal Festival Hall's site)
Mon 5 Apr 2004
8:00 pm Royal Festival Hall

Vincent Gallo -guitar/vocals
Jim O'Rourke - guitar
Steve Shelley - drums

Vincent Gallo, established actor, director, artist and musician, performs an exclusive
show. In 2001 he released the critically acclaimed album, When, on Warp Records
and tonight he will perform that album from start to finish. His band will consist of
Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley on drums and Jim O'Rourke on guitar.

Tickets: £17.50 £20.00
Booking Fee: £1.50 Members: 75p

Promoter: All Tomorrow's Parties

AS USUAL, if you will be attending and care to share any pics, recordings or
reports from these events please get in touch. East Sussex is a long way from my
SONORAN DESERT home here . . . thanks!

NOW, last but hardly least, I want to close by saying "MOVE OVER DR. PHIL,
DR. GALLO is gunning for your job . . . " Sound odd? Well if you have spent any time
watching U.S. TV you're undoubtedly familiar with the 'walking fraud' that is Dr. Phil.
Personally, i think i'd much prefer "DR. GALLO." Anyway, you can check out this
interesting eye candy and brush up on your Japanese once again for more. If
you have any trouble with the sound on that site the audio is here for your
convenience. Thanks for the ingenious folks at J-POP for making such a great
idea available! ONLY IN JAPAN!:

Dr. Gallo Theme

Dr. Gallo Promo

also, if anyone knows of a spare vacation residence in JAPAN, I'd be interested.

- More on Gallo and Lennon . . .
Well, details are still hard to come by
here, but as far as I can tell the live debut of the Gallo / Lennon duo took place
on Wednesday, January 7, 2004 at the TONIC - NYC, NY. Cover was $6 (which kills
me to hear, if ONLY they'd have done the show in Arizona instead). The show was
to start at midnight. There's no way for me to know if it will happen again anytime
soon, but if I lived in NYC I'd keep an eye on the performance Calendar here:

Gallo and Lennon? . . . Well sort of . . .
I seems that Vincent has found
a new partner for musical ventures (i.e. - his previous foray with Lukas Haas in the
now legendary "BUNNY"). News is just breaking of a recent gig at the club, Tonic in NYC wherein Gallo played a set with his new bandmate Sean Lennon. As the story is
still developing I'll keep you posted on any details while they surface. Naturally, if any
visitors attended the performance and have any insights, photos or other pertanent
info to share - we'd love to hear about it. (MANY THANKS TO SONYA FOR THE NEWS!!!).

12.10.03 - A 'PSEUDO' autoBIOGRAPHY
was produced by UK's Diverse TV for
Channel 4 (UK's equivalent of USA's PBS more or less). It's called "48 PEOPLE (Who
Should Be Dead In Hollywood
," and is loosely based on Gallo's self-interview from an old Grand Royal magazine a few years back. Vincent does not narrate, but the film features voice-overs by an actor reading Gallo's words while footage and images of Gallo are shown to illustrate the documentary. This production has received a few mixed reactions thus far. The studio has sent a copy, and I will let you all know more about it once I review it. All I know at this point is that they've used some *VERY* rare audio and video material from my private collection (Gallo's appearance on TV show "The Equalizer" in the 80's, and various other bits). I was promised that the program would present him in an unbiased light, but Gallo himself bowed out of the production early on to focus on his film editing process (I was told), and now I hear he's not too keen that they pressed on despite his approval and involvement. Nevertheless, a program about his career was long overdue. Maybe some outfit like A&E (Arts & Entertainment Channel) in the USA will pick it up, and give it some polishing. Again, I'll report more once I've reviewed it next week sometime. The program aired as part of an ART WEEK on Channel 4, UK, Nov. 28, 2003. No info on any repeats of the program in the near future.

THE BROWN BUNNY has arrived
(well the soundtrack at least). After much festival
controversy from Cannes to Austria and around the globe, the film screened to mixed
reactions everywhere. However, I highly doubt the soundtrack will disappoint anyone.
Least of which fans of John Frusciante. The soundtrack features 10 songs (only 5 appear in the actual 90min. film).


01. COME WANDER WITH ME, Jeff Alexander
02. TEARS FOR DOLPHY, Ted Curson
03. MILK AND HONEY, Jackson C. Frank
04. BEAUTIFUL, Gordon Lightfoot 05. SMOOTH, Matisse/Accardo Quartet 06. FOREVER AWAY, John Frusciante 07. DYING SONG, John Frusciante
08. LEAVE ALL THE DAYS BEHIND, John Frusciante 09. PROSTITUTION SONG, John Frusciante 10. FALLING, John Frusciante

The 5 tracks contributed by Frusciante are incredible. Anyone familiar with his past solo compositions will recognize some of his signature stylings carrying forth, but there's a new vibe to these songs that shows his ability to continually evolve and keep his sound interesting and fresh. I truly believe "THE DYING SONG" may now be one of my all-time favorite Frusciante compositions to date. All five songs are just amazing in their ability to capture a mood and take you on an odyssey of aural surrealism as only Frusciante can manage. This is not a release to be missed. You can purchase your own copy until it's gone over at where I can attest to fast and effecient delivery. The Tower-Japan site is all in Japanese without any English or other translations. However, if you've ever ordered online or had any experience with Tower's other sites it's very much the same and a mouseover of the buttons while lingering a bit will reveal some helpful labels in English. They only ship outside JAPAN via FEDEX and you can expect to pay a lot for that shipping as well as the cd. Sadly, it does not appear to be planned for release anywhere else. There is also no vinyl issue for this release planned.
John's music was not included in the final film, but the liner notes detail both Vincent and John's angle on how they feel about the music Frusciante wrote. You can view their accounts here. More details from the CD to the packaging can be viewed in the update over at DISCOGRAPHY.

It has been way too long since the last update, but the delay was largely due to the lack of news or information to deliver. It's no coincidence that there's been nothing new in Gallo's own official site. He's simply been laboring away on the film THE BROWN BUNNY, then touring the world screening it in various (fortunate) locales. Still no word on any DVD issue of the film, however it has distribution and should be available first in JAPAN.

The HIDDEN PAGE has also been updated.

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