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12.18.00  - It was just reported earlier in the week by UK pop and INDIE music resource that Vincent Gallo has signed to WARP Records and will be releasing his latest
"solo"  recordings through them in Spring 2001. No titles are being tossed about yet, and
no mention of any collaborators - therefore, Bunny may no longer be a dynamic project
for Vincent. You can read the whole article here.
11.17.00 - Vincent Gallo's set time for the 11.26.00 performance at the Knitting Factory
in Los Angeles has been moved back about one hour to 8:15pm - 8:45pm you can see
the new lineup with a recently added act on the main stage here:
An incredible college radio CD compilation from Loyola Maramount University in Los
Angeles, CA features a song by BUNNY titled "How Long" - finally an opportunity to
hear this band. The song was recorded at an 08.20.99 appearance live in the studio at
KXLU 88.9 FM. All CD info can be found here.  Special thanks once again to DJ Bryon for
notifying me about this disc and station manager DeVin for helping me order my copy in
a timely fashion.  It should be noted that I do not benefit whatsoever from letting you all
know about this, rather your donation to get this cd will help KXLU 88.9 FM to continue
to deliver music like Bunny's over the L.A. area airwaves. Any station supporting BUNNY
is worth the help.
10.30.00 - Well, this is great news. Vincent Gallo is a confirmed performer at the
upcoming Petra Haden Benefit concert at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles on Nov.
26, 2000. You can access information about this benefit show and ticket orders ($25 in
advance) here at this site: I plan to be
there myself, and I'd love to hear from anyone visiting this site that plans to go as well.
It should be a great show! 
10.26.00 - I was totally suprised to learn that recently, a radio station in California has
issued an annual fundraising compilation CD that contains a track from Vincent Gallo's
project - BUNNY! I am looking into it and once I confirm it and find out all the specifics I
will post the info on the cd, song title, and all pertanent info on how to order it here in
10.02.00 - Today I saw a copy of the magazine FILM COMMENTARY on the stands. A
small bit of news on Gallo inside as a reporter noted that "The Brown Bunny" trade ads
were popping up and that this will be Vincent Gallo's much anticipated directorial follow-
up to "Buffalo 66." The reporter made note that Gallo is remaining extremely mum on the
plotline, filming locations and casting - but did confirm the rumor that the soundtrack
will feature the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, or Frusciante
with Gallo, or entirely Gallo by himself. Sounds like plenty to anticipate regardless of
the outcome. I now have 12 demos leaked from Frusciante's latest sessions, and I can
only hope this will be the sort of thing he offers to Gallo for the film. It would likely
be a perfect marriage of sight and sound.

09.06.00 - Just updated the BOHACK section in the band info. and discography.

09.04.00 - Updated the site today as I discovered another rare Vincent Gallo release on
an obscure 1984 Dutch compilation. It's very rare (indicating a limited release of 2000),
and all info on it appears in the updated "DISCOGRAPHY" section. The "HIDDEN PAGE" is
also updated as well. I recently obtained a copy of the European only release "L.A.
WITHOUT A MAP" - this is a 1998 film Gallo starred in and it features a brief scene with
Gallo in GUITAR CENTER shopping for a new Gibson. He jams on a quick song, but is
interrupted in the scene and it's almost impossible to make out what it might be. There's
also a couple scenes with Gallo lending some guitar licks onstage live with the famous
LENINGRAD COWBOYS...a killer solo is featured! 

07.14.00 - The site is going live today, so thanks for visting...I hope you find the page informative and interesting. Feel free to drop me an email if you have news or official info.

06.01.00 - A website has appeared to support the 2000 independant film premiere and
marketing of a movie originally titled "Glenn O'Brien's New York Beat Movie." A film that
Glenn O'Brien first began shooting in the early 1980's. The site claims that "Downtown 81"
(as the film is now titled) will feature a soundtrack that includes live music by Vincent Gallo
and Jean-Michel Basquiat's band GRAY. This is a stunning news considering that Vincent
Gallo himself has stated that GRAY never recorded any music. I am guessing the material
will be live and recorded by the MUDD CLUB during one of their performances there since
the band frequently played onstage and will be featured in this film.
04.02.00 - No official news or info on the BUNNY project...there's a rumor online that
BUNNY toured some clubs in Japan during late 1999, although nothing appears to be
confirmed by any reliable source.