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05.20.02 - Promo Copy of Recordings of Music For Film arrived this past
weekend. The much admired cover art was illustrated by one Stephanie Brewster.
If Stephanie happens to see this site and wants to get in touch - we would love
to hear more about how this cover came to be. It's a fantastic piece. You can
visit the updated discography page for more info and a complete and official
tracklisting of songs that appear on this new release. I've included the promo
CD design and back cover for those interested as well in the discography entry
for this WARP Promo CD. Run out to stores and pick this one up beginning June 10!
It's a MUST HAVE as the newly remastered version of Buffalo '66 songs and TWII
are just incredible to hear . . . the new stuff is great as well. No one really
expects me to find anything bad on this record anyway right? ha-ha. One very
interesting note is that the soundtrack here for TWII is not complete and features
songs not included in the original pressing as well some were tracks left off.
(NOTE: "TWII" is just an easier acronymn for "The Way It Is" LP)

05.02.02 - UPDATE !!! Here are some more concrete details surrounding the
forthcoming film score compilation from Vincent Gallo:

- to be released on Lp (vinyl) as well as CD !

*Buffalo 66 Soundtrack - remastered, the original (according to Gallo) was mastered
from a cassette dub that was  a couple generations down from the source, while this
new version comes directly from the *ORIGINAL* masters.
*The Way It Is (remastered from original masters)
*If You Feel Froggy Jump (previously unreleased!)
*Downtown 81 (previously unreleased tracks for this recent film which likely means
that it will will include the unreleased track that was used in the movie,
titled "Brown 69")

all of the above are mastered from the original masters and will be far superior
in sound quality when compared to any previously issued versions. There will
also be unreleased tracks for each of the 4 soundtracks on this release. Watch
out for this one coming from WARP Records / UK beginning June 10, 2002!

05.02.02 - NEW RELEASE !!!The song "WHEN" by Vincent Gallo (from his latest Lp) is
featured on a new soundtrack for a Japanese film titled "The Parallel Side of Soundtrack"
or (in Japan) "'Sound Track Yumi to Pen no Kyosokyoku," with other music by SUGIZO. The
soundtrack came out in November 2001 (the film debuted last February).

05.01.02 - NEW RELEASE !!! The highly anticipated compilation of rare Vincent Gallo film
music is due in stores soon. It will be titled "RECORDINGS OF MUSIC FOR FILM" and will
be issued on CD and LP (vinyl). The known release info is as follows:

COMING June 10, 2002 (UK only) - WARP Records (cat# - WARPCD96 / WARPLP96)
sorry, as of yet there's no tracklist or other info regarding this release. We do know that
Gallo mentioned he would be issuing his music scores for older short films and other rare
recordings as yet unreleased, so there's a strong chance this may be it.

04.15.02 - Lots to report today.  First off, the site is going live with it's new facelift
and updates.  I spent a lot of time working and neglecting the web site . . . no
excuses.  But then, to make up for it . . . I also spent a lot of time building new content,
a new look, and improving (all-around) the site navigation and flow. I truly believe it's
more efficient now and I hope everyone agrees and enjoys the new Drowning In Brown
layout.  Well, there's plenty that went down since the last update in October 2001
(goddamn!).  Here's a brief overview -- the last 6 months in a nutshell:
GALLO QUITS UK - In December 2001, Vincent was scheduled to appear on RADIO 1
(BBC) in England.  The DJ, (Giles Peterson) with whom he was set to talk to received
a very funny voicemail from Gallo apologizing for his absence and explaining why it was
really the Brits who were to blame for the cancelled appearance.  (A Drowning In Brown
site EXCLUSIVE! Hear it for yourself. - shout out to Christopher in England for all his

GALLO MINI "WHEN" TOUR 2001- On December 17, Vincent Gallo announced the
*ONLY* live shows that he would perform in 2001 supporting his new Lp "WHEN."  The
shows were as follows:


Vincent Gallo (lead guitar, vocals)
Josh Klinghoffer (guitar, piano, and bass) - Josh is formerly of the L.A. bands Bicycle Thief and
Butthole Surfers as well as a close friend (and roommate) of Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John
Carla Azar (drums, guitar and mellotron) - Carla has played with many great artists, Natalie Merchant,
Wendy & Lisa and Abby Travis to name but only a few.


12/25 and 12/26 - TOKYO
Venue: Bunkamura Orchard Hall

12/28 - OSAKA
Venue: Koseinenkin-kaikan Geijuteu Hall

Venue: Hiroshima Club Quattro

One additional performance was announced just prior to his return from the Japan leg
for Los Angeles at The Moomba Club - December 30, but was sadly cancelled due to
logistical problems. Apparently, Gallo's gear did not make it back from Japan quite as
quickly as he did. However, Gallo did promise to make up the gig and 2002 dates are
tentative. be sure to watch this page and for the latest tour
announcements. The good news is even though the majority of you reading this will
have missed him live, the concert in Hiroshima was recorded by a resourceful fan and
there will be mp3s of the show featured here from time to time. In fact, you may
have already found one of them by now . . .

"WHEN" RELEASES - Singles, EPs, etc . . . - A few promotional and import releases
came out in late 2001 to support Gallo's "WHEN" LP. These releases are detailed in the
Drowning In Brown site update to the DISCOGRAPHY section. They are as follows:

"WHEN" Lp Promo-Only cassette version (Warp Records)

"WHEN" Lp Promo-Only CD5 version flat cardboard digipak (Warp Records)

"WHEN" Lp Limited Edition Hardback Bound Audiophile Vinyl issue (Warp Records)

"WHEN" Lp Limited Edition Hardback Bound Audiophile CD issue (Warp Records)

"SO SAD" Limited Edition Vinyl 12-inch single (ltd. 5,000 copies)
- "So Sad" is a special non-Lp track. The b-side contains a unique 78 RPM version.

"SO SAD" Limited Edition CD single (ltd. 10,000 copies)
- "So Sad" is a special non-Lp track. No other songs on this release.

"HONEY BUNNY" Ep - Promo-Only Vinyl 7-inch single
- Features a stereo version of "Honey Bunny" on side 1 and mono version on side 2.

"HONEY BUNNY" Limited Edition DVD single (JAPAN ONLY RELEASE!)
- This is a DVD single for the video for "HONEY BUNNY" featuring an audio demo of
"Honey Bunny" as a bonus track. This bonus track is only available on this DVD-single.
IT'S BEEN QUIET . . .  Vincent has been rather silent of late with sparse appearances
or postings on his official web site over the past 6 months. It may be safe to assume 
that he is hard at work with post-production on his latest film which he has directed
(The Brown Bunny). Rumors are abound of a forthcoming Lp due sometime this
summer. You can be sure we'll post the news here when it's solid.

Finally, thanks to all of you for your support and kind words thru the past several
months. I know many of you waited patiently for any updates or new content and I
hope there's something to be found here that will make up (somewhat, if not
completely) for the long wait.

Stay Tuned . . . 

~ SMAK (webmaster, Vincent Gallo - Drowning In Brown)
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